Welcome to Skerryvore!
Skerryvore Ratepayers Association

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Welcome to Skerryvore!

Skerryvore is a community of some one hundred eighty-two cottages and permanent residences on the shores of Georgian Bay just north of Parry Sound, Ontario and south of Pointe au Baril, Ontario. Our website, www.Skerryvore.ca is designed to assist in keeping our residents and members informed of community activities and concerns. This website is sponsored by the Skerryvore Ratepayers Association. We encourage your membership and input.
Steve Spearing,
President, S.R.A.

All persons who own property in Skerryvore are encouraged to advise us of their telephone number, mailing address and Email address. This will allow us to contact you whether you are a member or not. If we have your contact information we can keep you abreast of any important information and notify you if a major situation affects you. - Submit your information to our secretary or president via our contacts page.

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