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The Social Events Calendar


Summer 2022


New Year's Eve Bash Canceled.

The New Year's Eve Bash has been cancelled due to the rising concerns of the pandemic and restrictions on the amount of people we can have. Thank-you to the Social Commitee for all their efforts!! For those who have paid a full refund will be sent.
We do have some activities planned for the Family Day weekend in February, hopefully by then conditions will improve!!!
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

Stay safe best Regards,

Steve Spearing President

The 2021 Skerryvore Ratepayers Association Annual General Meeting


9:30am - 10:00am - Registration - collecting annual dues for 2021 - $75.00 (payment also available through the membership page on Skerryvore.ca ), verifying contact information and registering for the day's events

10:00am - 11:30am - SRA Annual General Meeting - the agenda for the meeting will be posted on www.skerryvore.ca, the community board and an email blast will be sent out by Wed Aug 25th, 2021. (Skerryvore Pavilion fundraiser tickets will be available-3 tickets for $5.00, 8 tickets for $10.00 or 20 tickets for $20.00-draw will be at the BBQ)

1:00pm - Paddle Boat Races - starting and ending at 531 Skerryvore Rd. Hosted by Tony and Anna Gale (if you don't have a paddle boat there are 2 extra boats that you can use). Each paddle boat will have a timed run around Lagoon Island; the top 4 paddle boats will race for the winner) Prizes will be given out at the BBQ

2:30pm - PWC Tour- enjoy a 1 hr scenic ride through Georgian Bay with Steve (meet in Moonlight Bay)

4:00pm - 5 Card Poker Run - starting and ending at the dock of 27 Moonlight Crt. Hosted by Steve and Lynn Spearing and Jackie VanderPol. Two hands per boat, 1 to the Captain and 1 to the Chief Mate. 3 stops out on the Bay and the first and final cards will be given at the dock. Prizes will be given out at the BBQ

6:00pm - BBQ & Social Evening - Enjoy a dinner with family, friends and neighbours (beef, pork, buns, hotdogs, salads, corn and dessert will be served. Pop and water will be supplied) Bring your own refreshments.
- 4 free dinner tickets will be given to each paid member
- A $5.00 charge for each additional person
- Children 12yrs and under are free

Electronic Scavenger Hunt - posted on www.Skerryvore.ca , Skerryvore FaceBook page and by e-mail blasted. Hosted by Lois Beamish HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

The 2020 Skerryvore Ratepayers Association Annual General Meeting

(REVISED) Sunday September 7, 2020

The annual SRA update of community business, Election of Officers, Township Councillors Report

Sunday September 7, 2020 10:00 A.M. - 12 noon - Location - Skerryvore Park - 5 Tamarack Drive

Social distancing and facemasks required at check - in. Bring your own chairs and refreshments. Food and drink will NOT be provide

Click on the photos below to see the slide shows from the various years.

Click here for this year's (2016) photos: 2016 Parade and Barbeque
Click here for previous year's (2014) photos: 2014 Parade and Barbeque
Click here for previous year's (2012) photos: 2012 Parade and Barbeque

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