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100_2296 Skerryvore from the air 100_2296
Skerryvore from the air
Courtesy of Russ Bateman - see our "links" for more aerial photos

Local News

Annual Dues

September 4, 2020

Annul General Meeting

August 31, 2020

The Friends

August 18, 2020


Large Item Pickup

August 12, 2020

The large item pick-up date for Skerryvore is scheduled for Wednesday September 9, 2020. More information may be found on the Township website.

Water Quality Program - Summer 2020 Update

August 2, 2020

The Lake Partner Program sampling, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, has been cancelled for 2020. Anyone who received their 2020 sampling kit is asked to please hold on to if for next summer. The sampling should resume in 2021, water quality monitoring volunteers are still needed for the Skerryvore/Shawanaga Bay areas:

Shawanaga Islanders Association
Skerryvore Ratepayers' Association.

Suggested monitoring locations are outlined in the 2019 Environment Report. Registration is simple and free. If you know anyone who is interested in volunteering, have them contact David Bywater at GBBR for more information ( or 705-774-0978).

Extreme Fire Rating

July 2, 2020

The T.O.A. Fire Danger Rating has been upgraded to:



No Open Fires, No Fireworks, NO EXCEPTIONS!

West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre

June 25,2020

A Partnership with 7 Municipalities and 2 Indigenous Communities
West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre

The Citizens' Advisory Committee is Requesting Residents' Input

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Province of Ontario restrictions on social distancing our planned Public Meetings in April had to be cancelled.

In order to ensure residents input, the Citizens' Advisory Committee has developed an Online Presentation with a short survey . Your input is very much appreciated and will be vital to our final recommendations. The Survey will be open from:

Wednesday, July 1st to Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

The presentation and survey can be found at all partner websites:

Seguin, McDougall, Shawanaga, Wasauksing, Parry Sound, McKellar, The Archipelago, Whitestone, and Carling

If you do not have internet capability, paper copies of the survey are available at:

The 7 Municipal Offices and 2 First Nation Administration Offices.

Call your local Municipal or First Nation Administration Office for details.

Lost & Found

June 18,2020

We lost a section of our cedar gangway in a storm last week. We only realized it when we reviewed webcam footage. It measures about 4 x 5 feet. It will float until it gets lodged somewhere. So, please watch out for it when boating. If you find it, we’d appreciate knowing so we can retrieve it. Thanks,

Pam At 36 Tamarack

High Fire Rating

June 18,2020

Fire High

Spring Large Item Pickup Cancelled

June 8,2020

The TOA has had to cancel the Large Item Pick-up scheduled for June 20th at Pointe au Baril due to COVID-19 concerns about the ability to ensure social distancing. In its place, Site 9 will accept large items on June 19 and 20th. Ratepayers will have to transport large items to Site 9 and also be responsible for unloading them at the designated area just as is now the case at all transfer stations. The Site 9 permit does not allow garbage pick-up on Sunday’s. The August large item pick-up in Pointe au Baril is still going forward. It is not business as usual and TOA staff appreciate your patience and understanding.

Fire Update from the TOA

June 8,2020

Please be advised that the Fire Danger Rating has been downgraded to Moderate. For more information , see the Township's website at:

Road Reconstruction Update Phase 1

June 5,2020


At the May 21st 2020 regular Meeting of Council, a report detailing the first phase of the Skerryvore Community Road reconstruction project was submitted and approved.

The project was awarded to Wayne Hall Construction Inc. (Hall Construction) and includes the replacement of eleven, 1200mm diameter culverts, two 2000mm diameter culverts and the relining of one 900mm diameter culvert in 6 locations. This project is also carried out in partnership with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR), whereby 2 culverts of 750mm and 1200mm in diameter will be installed to help safe crossing of the local turtle and snake population. The GBBR will also have staff monitoring the project to help mitigate any potential harm to native species and minimize environmental impacts during the reconstruction.

Hall Construction has carried out many projects of this nature in the past and has carried out projects directly for the Township to its satisfaction. The Township has full confidence that Hall Construction will do a great job within the timelines specified, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The project is slated to commence Monday, July 13th 2020 and last for 7 weeks, until Friday, August 28th 2020. During this time the Skerryvore Community Road will REMAIN OPEN. Traffic control staff will be present to manage traffic flows. Dust control will be carried out by watering and calcium application. NOTE: Portions of the road will be no more than 3.5m wide when working on the culverts.

Tatham Engineering will be overseeing the whole project for the Township. They will have staff present or available throughout the duration of the project to ensure the project is completed within the estimated timelines and as per the Contract specifications. There will be no limitation to working hours or working days to get the job done – therefore please do not assume that workers will not be present out of normal “office hours”. Please be respectful to the work crews and drive safely around them – they are there to get the job done as quickly as possible for us all!

Under the current Covid-19 climate please also be sure to respect social distancing protocols if there is need to interact with any member of the project team. Our project team will be doing the same.

If you have any concerns while the project is underway please contact Lucas Shelton of Tatham Engineering at 705 645 7756 ext. 2079

News From Councillors

June 3,2020

May 24

Fire Update from the TOA

May 21,2020

On behalf of Maryann Weaver, Clerk for the Township of The Archipelago, please be advised of the following:


The Fire Danger Rating has been upgraded to HIGH. NO OPEN BURNING except contained campfires for cooking and warmth ONLY. FIREWORKS are PROHIBITED.

May Long Weekend

May 15,2020

May 24

Fire Ban

May 2,2020


Skerryvore Community Update

May 2,2020


Carling, McDougall and McKellar News Release

April 25,2020

As Carling, McDougall and McKellar relax restrictions it is imperative that the public understand Emergency Services are stretched.

As Carling, McDougall and McKellar relax restrictions it is imperative that the public understand Emergency Services are stretched. Throughout the District of West Parry Sound, our first responder protocol has relied on Fire Department volunteers. These volunteers are NOT trained to manage COVID-19 cases nor do they have sufficient quantity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The shortage of PPE is dramatic. Please be advised the traditional First Responder level of Fire Department Emergencies no longer exists.

While we continue to have no confirmed COVID-19 admitted patients to our Health Centre, we have experienced a significant number of new admissions within the last 24 hours and are awaiting COVID-19 test results on 8 patients. As a result, the West Parry Sound Health Centre clinical and support staff are ‘burning’ through PPE. Results from PUBLIC HEALTH testing are anywhere from 48 hours to 6 days delayed. Until results are in, the surge in patients must be treated as presumptive COVID-19. This causes enormous pressure on existing PPE supplies.

Currently the community is making 900 gowns that are going immediately into service as they are received at the Health Centre. ‘It’s imperative that everyone in the community practise RISK AVOIDANCE.” Dr. Fargher, Chief of Staff at the West Parry Sound Health Centre urges the public. These measures include:

Avoid unnecessary travel outside the community

Continue to practise physical distancing by keeping 6 feet apart

Socialize only with those people you live with in your home

Do NOT run on trails shared by others, asymptomatic people will spread the virus further as breathe is expelled

Only 1 family member shop at the grocery store, pharmacy and LCBO, only once per week

Do not gather in groups

Wear a mask when in a store – there have been so many mixed messages on this… your takeaway? Mask ON

What about testing with our BioFire Film Array PCR analyzer you ask?

This analyzer can provide test results in under an hour from a single swab. The laboratory has validated this instrument for use with the Respiratory Panel (RP). We are working with our MPs office to expedite Health Canada approval to validate and use a special test panel specific to COVID-19. Further information regarding the analyzer will follow once Health Canada approval has been granted.

Risk Avoidance is a Social Responsibility

Risk avoidance is a social responsibility that must be increased during our community’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That message is being strongly shared by West Parry Sound Health Centre and other emergency service providers.

“Under the current precautions imposed by federal and provincial authorities, standing together in public less than six feet apart, gathering with people not normally part of your household, or even leaving your own home for local travel, should all be viewed as risk-taking behaviour,” said West Parry Sound Health Centre Chief of Staff Dr. Terence Fargher. “People must be made to understand the additional, and potentially extreme, risks that are now associated with boating, driving, camping, or traveling any further than your local grocery store.”

All of the community safety systems that we usually rely on are equally exposed to the dangers of COVID-19: leaving them vulnerable to potential depletion of staff resources, constrained access to personal protective equipment (PPE), competing demands, and the requirement for expanded public safety priorities.

“What we normally assume to be an enjoyable recreational experience could become deadly, and accessing the services of local emergency responders will deplete scarce resources that are already in very short supply.”

We are encouraging everyone in our community:

• Do not travel any distance outside of your local pharmacy, grocery store, or health care service provider. In particular, please avoid outdoor risks like boating, camping, driving, and other high-risk behaviours. A reminder that all outdoor fires are banned everywhere in Ontario.

• Everyone out in public in locations where social distancing cannot be maintained should be wearing a non-medical mask or material (bandanna, scarf) that covers your nose and mouth.

• If you have been provided with a mask by your employer, or received a community made mask, please ensure that you are wearing it properly, covering your nose and mouth.

• Practice all appropriate precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19, including frequent hand washing (use of hand sanitizer) with soap and water, maintain physical distancing, and do not gather with people not normally part of your household.

“We have a large population of vulnerable people in West Parry Sound, especially the elderly, who can be exposed to COVID-19 with serious or even fatal consequences,” said WPSHC CEO Donald Sanderson. “We must all share in taking action to protect each other.”

Message to Our Community

April 24,2020


NOTE: Waste Transfer Station is on Winter Hours Until Further Notice.

April 15,2020

Until further notice the waste trransfer Station is only open Sunday 12:00 noon until 6:00 PM. This is due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

April 4th amendment to the Emergency Measures Act

April 14,2020

Regarding short term rentals:

Every person who provides short term rentals in rental accommodations shall ensure that any rentals booked after April 4, 2020 are only provided to individuals who are in need of housing during the emergency period.

Subsection (1) does not apply in respect of hotels, motels and student residences.

In this case, the emergency measures are unequivocal - no rentals except to those without housing during the emergency. We want to ensure that all residents, their families, grandparents and children remain safe. The provincial government has restricted short term rentals as one way to accomplish this goal. Airbnb, VRBO and Cottage Life, for example, have all removed ads for short-term rentals from their listings as a result. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the provincial and township response generally or for this item specifically, please let us know. Thanks for your consideration and assistance.

Township of The Archipelago News Releases

April 9,2020

Arch#1 Arch#2 Arch#3 Arch#4

Shawanaga Village Road Closures

April 1,2020

The roads into Shawanaga First Nation are closed to all but band residents as an attempt to limit exposure to COVID-19.

This means Shebeshekong Rd is closed between the Landing/Village Rd to the gas station on Hwy69. Also the Landing Rd is closed off of Skerryvore Community Rd. Access to Skerryvore Community Rd is available from Shebeshekong Rd south of Skerryvore Community Rd.

We are in contact with the TOA and will make sure to update you if any new information becomes available.

MPAC Communication Kits

March 19,2020

Subject: Please Share: MPAC Communication Kit #1
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 05:43:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Anne Haines

Good afternoon Wendy -

We know that many property owners in your municipality may have questions about their updated property assessment this year. To help you support them, we’re creating a series of toolkits for municipal staff and elected officials to use throughout the Assessment Update.

Our first toolkit is now available online. This kit will provide you with general information about MPAC and the Assessment Update and includes several types of sharable content designed to inform property owners.

to find background information and tools for:
Municipal staff
Customer support staff
Communications staff
Elected officials

We encourage you to share this email with your staff and elected officials so that they can leverage the FAQs and shareable content we’ve prepared to support them in informing and responding to property owners.

A few weeks before Property Assessment Notices are mailed in your area, I’ll share additional toolkit materials designed to help property owners understand their Property Assessment Notice and where to find more information on

. Regards,
Anne Haines, M.I.M.A.
Account Manager
Muskoka Parry Sound, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations
Office: 705-751-0074
Mobile: 705-774-4470
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
1100A Muskoka Road South, Unit 2, Gravenhurst On P1P 1K9

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Municipal Operations Update - March 13, 2020

March 14,2020

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately, the Township of The Archipelago will be implementing the following precautionary measures:

1. Access to the Municipal Office and the Operations Office will be limited. Staff may meet with the public by appointment only. Municipal services will continue to be provided.

2. Modified service at our transfer stations and landfill site.

3. All events at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre have been cancelled and the Centre will be closed to the public.

4. The March 26th and 27th, 2020 Council Meetings are cancelled.

While the virus is not currently circulating locally, it is in the best interest of all of us to take any and all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff, residents and our community. We will, as always, do everything that we are able to support you.

We encourage everyone to stay informed by learning about the virus and what you can do to protect yourself and to prevent the virus from spreading. Please visit our website for up-to-date information.

Maryann Weaver

Emergency Information Officer

(705) 746-4243 Ext: 301

Skerryvore Road Update from our Councillors

March 14,2020

Council received an update regarding plans for the reconstruction of Skerryvore Road. It was decided to proceed with the tendering for the reconstruction in two parts - culverts in 2020 and road resurfacing in 2021.

CAO John Fior put forward a plan for pubic consultation. Council endorsed plans for a Public Meeting in Skerryvore for residents to hear more about Township plans. Residents can directly provide input and participation is being arranged with the Skerryvore Ratepayers Association and Shawanaga Islanders Association for this spring.

Series of letters on Skerryvore Road Reconstruction

February 19, 2020

Skerryvore Community Members:

Discussions at the Township of the Archipelago (TOA) have been underway since October regarding Skerryvore Rd repair. Several Skerryvore Ratepayers Association (SRA) members have brought their concerns to the SRA's attention. The two main concern seems to be detouring traffic through the Shawanaga First Nations and a stop sign on Skerryvore Rd at Shawanaga Landing Rd.

We have sent the letter below to address the concerns and included the response from Earl Manners, our Ward 3 Councillor. We have also received assurances that Earl and Scott will communicate with the SRA to co-ordinate information with our members. We will send out more emails as further information becomes available.

Please let us know your concerns on this issue so we can voice them to the Township. Your SRA has been a vital voice for its members with the TOA for many years. Your directors have volunteered many hours and years to ensure a safe and welcoming community for all of our members. Membership helps us to monitor and keep on top of concerning issues such as Skerryvore Rd, waste management, public spaces, insurance, etc. To help us continue to provide this, we need your support. Your membership is only $45.00 a year. All information is kept confidential within the directorship.

Thank you on behalf of all the SRA directors.

MAIL SENT TO WARD 3 TOA, Councillors Earl Manners and Scott Shear

SUBJECT: Skerryvore Community Road Reconstruction

Hi Earl & Scott,

It has come to the SRA’s attention from our community members that reconstruction of the Skerryvore road is planned for 2020 and permission has been sought from the Shawnaga First Nations to utilize their road during this process. There are a number of issues we would like further information and clarification on as this is the first we have been made aware of the approval of the reconstruction and the planning surrounding it.

First, could we request that our councillors communicate directly with the Skerryvore Ratepayers Association regarding issues or topics that directly affect our community. Second, we need to determine how only a handful of members received the Bay Notes from November 2019 while the majority, including the SRA, did not. Several of the directors also signed up for these emails and also have not received them. Can you please confirm your email list to verify that this email is included in all future Bay Notes emails.

Although it is good news that the plan is going forward to repair the road there are several issues that should be addressed and clarified.

1) How was the decision arrived at to completely close our community road?

2) How long is it anticipated to be closed during this period vs. not closing the road during?

3) We need information to discuss and share with our community regarding anticipated start dates and duration Issues that should be taken into consideration for our residents are:

1) Owners planning renovations or construction during the road repairs

2) Fire evacuation & emergencies

3) Potential risk access being denied to our cottages/homes should any animosity or frustrations arise during the construction with the Shawnaga First Nations.

We would appreciate as much information as soon as possible. If you could also call either Ed Kowalyshyn (president) at 905-921-3540 or Ross Mann (director) at 416-409-0722.




Thank you for your email. Scott and I have been providing monthly updates in BayNotes regarding the Skerryvore Road construction project scheduled for the summer of 2020. We have also received individual emails asking about the project based upon our communications and have responded to each email. I do not know why some people in Skerryvore have not received a BayNotes email as our email service sends to all on our List each month and our monthly report indicates they all have been received. Perhaps individual email addresses are reporting it as Spam. Our email service reports that the vast majority of recipients have opened our email on their phones, computers or tablets. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine who has or has not. We will make sure to include the SRA on our list of recipients of BayNotes in the future. We had not been notified that the SRA email address had changed from the previous President until now. We want to make sure that we are in regular contact with the SRA. As you know, we made sure the invitation to Deerhorn went to the current leadership and we were happy to be able to connect again there as well as ensure that the representatives of each Ratepayer Association had a chance to meet.

With respect to the Skerryvore Road project, Scott and I have been strong advocates at Council that all work planned be completed in 2020 is completed in 2020. We supported a Federal/Provincial Infrastructure application to not only defray TOA costs, but ensure all work planned was completed. When the TOA application was not approved, the TOA continued to commit to complete all work planned. The project will entail lane closures, flagging and wait times to allow single lane movement in both directions. As a result, traffic to and from Skerryvore will be impeded and inconvenience travellers. Council, in an attempt to reduce such inconvenience, asked Staff to enquire whether an agreement with Shawanaga First Nation was possible to alleviate such inconvenience to residents and others while the Skerryvore Road was under construction. Although a final report on those discussions will not be available until February Council, the report to January Council was that the discussions were positive. Scott and I are well aware of the history of the Skerryvore Road, but Council thought that the positive effects of such an agreement could not be ignored:

1) faster completion of the construction project;

2) less inconvenience to residents and visitors;

3) less environmental impact;

4) lower costs of construction and impact on TOA Budget;

5) opportunity for improved long term relations with Shawanaga First Nation for the benefit of all.

As for the specific timelines for the construction project, if and when the road would be closed or single- laned will depend in part on the outcomes of the RFP process and considerations of the impact on daily travel to and from Skerryvore. Scott and I have indicated that we will update everyone as soon as information is available. We expect to have more details at February Council.

If an agreement can be reached with Shawanaga First Nation, it will be an agreement for the duration of the construction project. With respect to fire and other emergencies, the 911 service would be notified of road construction and any detours. We have not heard that access to Skerryvore by contractor vehicles would be impeded except for the usual delays related to any road construction project. An agreement with Shawanaga First Nation would mitigate such delays.

I hope that we have addressed the issues you raise. We hope that we can work together to successfully complete the Skerryvore Road construction project that we know everyone in Skerryvore has asked for in an effective, cost efficient and timely manner. We will make sure that all future BayNotes also are sent to this email address.

Earl and Scott.

Volunteers Wanted/Needed Now!

January 14, 2020

The Board of directors of The Skerryvore Ratepayers Association is down to four directors. The normal membership of the board is seven directors and often more. We need some people to volunteer to be members of the Board of Directors quickly as our new season is upon us. One cannot expect four people to carry on all the duties of what seven or more people normally do.

In addition WE HAVE NO PRESIDENT TO LEAD THE ORGANIZATION. If we do not get volunteers soon this organization could cease to exist. So the next time you need someone to go to bat for you at town council that voice will be lost.

Volunteer Now!

Skerryvore Speed Limits

October 16, 2019

Residents of skerryvore noticed a change in the speed limit signs on the Skerryvore Road recently. Thanks to Mike Kowalyshyn and the Skerryvore Ratepayers Association for bringing the matter to our attention.

The change occurred when it was noticed during a discussion relating to Skerryvore Road that, at some point in the past, the incorrect speed limit signs had been installed on the Skerryvore Rd. Municipal speed limits are set by Bylaw in the Archipelago. A review of the Bylaw indicates that the actual speed limit is 50km/h on the main part of Skerryvore Road. There are no 60km/h zones within the Township of the Archipelago. The Bylaw states that the 40km/h zone begins at the Shawanaga landing Road. This location is not ideal for a speed limit change as it is in a corner. The TOA installed the 40km/h signs to the south of the Landing Road in order to have the speed transition on a straight stretch of road.

As the bylaw indicates, the TOA has historically supported lower speed limits. The Pointe au Baril community is currently advocating for a reduction of the speed limit on the South Shore Road in the Bylaw from 40km/h to 30km/h. Suggestions for amendments to the Bylaw should be made to Mike Kearns, Manager of Operational Services.

Safety tips offered in wake of fatal Lake Joe crash

September 14, 2019

MUSKOKA LAKES, ON- Tips for safe boating are being offered by an area group after the recent fatal collision on Lake Joseph.

The tips are coming from Safe Quiet Lakes, an advocacy group formed in 2011 aimed at ensuring lakes in the Muskoka area are safe for everyday users, swimmers, and every type of motorized and human-powered craft.

While the group didn�t comment on the fatal crash, they said their sympathies are with the people touched by the events.

�Everyone in the boating community is saddened by the tragedy,� read the statement from the group�s chair, Greg Wilkinson.

�We can comment more generally because boating at night is part of our recreational boating culture in Canada. Many of us who have water access properties or visit them are used to boating at night routinely. But it is very, very dangerous and we all need to operate our boats differently at night.�

They offered the following advice for night boating operations.

Navigation lights on. Always. Period. Be very familiar with local waters and landmarks. If you aren�t, don�t go on the water at night�Travel at a significantly lower speed than you would in daylight

No alcohol or cannabis in the boat; use a designated driver

Limit driver distractions and enlist passengers to support the driver as spotters

If you are uncertain about where you are or what is ahead, slow down immediately to bow-down no wake speed until you are reoriented

Know the safety regulations so you can recognize the direction other craft are traveling by their lights

�Night travel on the water is part of life in our lake communities, but the terrible accident on Lake Joseph is a sobering reminder that just because it�s routine doesn�t mean it�s safe,� said Wilkinson.

�Boaters need to operate with additional caution at night.�


Skerryvore Road Update

August 30, 2019

This is from the Township Coucillor's Report:

The Federal Infrastructure grant application, Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Rural & Northern Stream, to rehabilitate the 10km stretch of the Skerryvore Road was unsuccessful.

The rehabilitation of Skerryvore Road is identified in our Asset Management Plan and is included in our 2019 Capital Budget. The funds included in the TOA Budget for repair of road water crossings will be held in Reserves for use in 2020 as the construction window has passed this year.

The TOA is looking to utilize debenture funding to complete the 10km resurfacing project in the 2020 Budget. Tender will be issued early for best competitive pricing and to ensure work is completed in 2020.

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